What To Do If You Have a Car Accident Injury

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  • Stop Your Car – Never leave the scene of a car accident in which you or your car are involved, no matter how slight the collision.
  • Assist the Injured – If necessary, call an ambulance. Render first aid only if you are qualified.
  • Call the Police – Police officers are trained to handle any situation that may arise from a car accident. A police report can be one of your most important pieces of evidence.
  • Identify Other Drivers – Write down the other driver’s name, address and registration number of the vehicle he or she was driving. Get their driver’s license number. Get the name of their insurance company and the policy number covering the car.
  • Get Contact Information from Witnesses – Be sure to get as much contact information as possible. Make sure you write down what they say, especially if they observed the other driver run a red light, fail to yield to you, etc.
  • Look for Surveillance Cameras – Note their location. Your attorney may later subpoena them if a lawsuit becomes necessary.
  • Report Your Car Accident to Your Insurance Company – You must report your car accident to your insurance company in order to preserve your coverage. Do not tell them how you feel or provide any information other than what is in the accident report. You have a contractual obligation to cooperate with your insurance company’s investigation, but only tell them what is necessary. Do not sign anything without contacting The Monk Law Firm first.
  • Do Not Talk to Other Insurance Companies or Sign Anything – Do not speak to them. Do not sign anything! Tell the insurance representative you are retaining a lawyer and that the lawyer will contact them.
  • Take Photographs – Take pictures of your vehicle before any repairs are done on it or before it is destroyed. Also photograph the other driver’s car and as much of the accident scene as possible, including skid marks, removable objects, any debris and your injuries.
  • Make Sure Your Police Report is Filed
  • See a Doctor as Soon as Possible after the Accident
  • Contact the Monk Law Firm for a free consultation. With years of experience, our car crash attorney and personal injury law firm will fight for the justice you deserve.