What To Do If You or a Loved One Is The Victim of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

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  • If you believe a criminal act has been perpetrated against your loved one, call the police immediately.


  • Listen – Listen intently to your loved one. Listen to what they have to say.  Take into consideration they may have limited capabilities to communicate with you about their situation. Careful monitoring on your part may be required


  • Look – Look for signs. Frequent visits to the nursing home may be necessary. Make your visits at different times to assess the care provided during all times of the day, weekends and holidays.


  • Observe –
    • Observe what is going on around you when you visit.
    • Take note of the interaction between the staff and the residents.
    • Watch the residents eat.
      • Look at their food
      • Taste their food


  • Talk
    • Talk to nurses, aides, social workers, administrators and director of nurses about your concerns.
    • Talk to the doctor about what medical care is available.


  • Contact the office of the state long-term care ombudsman at: 2 Peachtree street, NW, Suite 9-231, Atlanta, GA  30303-3142; 404-463-8383



Should you Should you choose to pursue legal action against the nursing home on behalf of your loved one, contact the Monk Law Firm for a free consultation.  Our Atlanta personal injury law firm is here to help.