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Premise Liability Athens GA


The expectation we have from any person we wish to visit is that they keep us safe when we are on their property. The State of Georgia also expects the same from building owners, superintendents, and managers.

All building owners in Athens GA are expected to keep their properties in a safe condition and prevent accidents or harm from befalling visitors. But when building owners fail to do this and a visitor gets injured on their property, and the injury is a direct result of the owner’s negligent care towards his/her property, the victim can claim redressal under the Premise Liability.

Understanding Premise Liability Athens GA 

The Premise Liability under Georgian Law speaks of any and all types of injury that occur on a person’s building premises due to the negligence displayed by the owner. Victims can claim damages under Premise Liability Athens GA under three categories:

  • Slip and fall

Slip and fall claims can be made when the victim has slipped, fallen, and injured himself/herself in a property that contained hazards which were a danger to the lives of visitors. Victims who tripped and fell can also claim damages under this clause. 

  • Negligent security

Negligent security claims can be made in extreme cases of negligence where the result was the grievous injury, vegetation or death of a visitor to the property. Typically, these cases involve the lack of implementation of security measures in the building, especially during assaults and shootings. 

  • Dog bites

Visitors to a property bitten by dogs and injured in the process can claim damages under the Dog Bites clause of the Premise Liability Athens GA. In addition to holding the building owners guilty, dog owners who live or work on the property can also be charged with negligence under this law.

The only requirements for the enforcement of all three sub-clauses of the Premise Liability Athens GA is that the victim should have: 

  • Stepped into the property legally.
  • Followed the code of conduct as set by the building owner.
  • Not done anything that may have triggered the injury/accident/dog bite.
  • Enough evidence to prove negligence or dereliction of duty on the part of the building owner.


Proving Government Premise Liability Athens GA 

Similar to non-governmental buildings, all governmental properties in Georgia have a liability to safeguard the wellbeing of visitors. Building owners (the State, here) are expected to: 

  • Repair and rectify the hazard upon notice.
  • Put up suitable warnings about the existence of the hazard.
  • Enforce rules of conduct on all visitors, residents, and workers of the property.

However, unlike non-governmental buildings, Georgia’s governmental premises have the option to claim State sovereign immunity. This immunity protects governmental buildings from being sued for Premise Liability without its (Georgia Government’s) consent.

Victims who wish to seek redressal in these cases can check if their case falls within the purview of The Georgia Tort Claims Act. This Act makes all governmental buildings liable for negligence if its employees and officers were found negligent or derelict in their duty during the course of their official duties.

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