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The effects of an unforeseen work related accident can have devastating consequences for the injured worker and family. Workers’ comp insurance is meant to protect workers from injury, disability, or death resulting from accidents on the job. However, the workers’ comp process can seem overwhelming and you may be under extreme physical, emotional, and financial stress. An experienced workers compensation lawyer with knowledge of the system and process is best suited to ensure that you receive justice.

As your workers’ comp attorney, Thomas Thaxton Monk provides effective representation and advocates for your rights. In addition, you will be treated with the care and attention you deserve by the entire staff of the Monk Law Firm. We care about our clients and we are fully committed to seeking justice and appropriate compensation for injured workers.


Work Comp Justice in Athens


The clock for workers’ comp claims starts as soon as the accident occurs, so don’t delay. After seeking emergency medical care for your injuries and notifying your employer of the accident, the next step should be to hire a worker’s compensation attorney to ensure that your rights are protected, guide you through the process, and make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injury, disability, or untimely death of a loved one.

At the Monk Law Firm, we understand the tremendous financial stress that results from work related injuries. For this reason, we offer the initial consultation free of charge and collect no fees until you are awarded compensation for your injury. We encourage you to read more about our firm and the services we provide for our clients in Athens on this website and contact our office to schedule an appointment with our workers’ comp lawyer.