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When Can you Sue for Personal Injury?

Injury is part and parcel of life but not every injury qualifies for a legal claim. If the personal injury has been caused due to genetics, age or due to an accident where it is difficult to determine fault, you may not get to sue. A personal injury lawsuit in Athens GA entitles you to receive compensation for the injury suffered in the form of medical bills, lost wages and even to make up for the emotional suffering caused. You can easily and quickly gauge whether you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit by asking the following questions of yourself –

  1. Did you suffer personal injury and not merely property damage?
  2. Were these injuries caused by the negligent action/behavior of another party?
  3. Do you have recoverable damages?

If you answer favorably to the above, then yes, you may proceed to file a personal injury lawsuit in Athens GA, in hopes of receiving monetary compensation.

Let’s understand a little bit about when and how you can  sue for personal injury below-

  • Before you can build an injury claim, you need to verify that the person you intend to make aclaim against was negligent. You must also be able to evidence that you suffered damages as a result of this injury. The person making the injury claim is responsible for proving his/her innocence and the other party’s guilt.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney to fight your claim. Sure, you can gather the evidence required to back your injury claim by yourself. However, chances are you will not know what kind of evidence you will need or even how to get it. A personal injury lawyer can help you out here. He/she can inform you if you have a case worth fighting for and eventually fight it if you do.

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury is any harm, i.e. caused to your mind, body, and emotions. The injury can be physical psychological or physical in nature. Insomnia is treated just as importantly as personal injury as a concussion. A personal injury is differentiated from property damage though. Property damage is when you’ve been in an accident but haven’t sustained any injury yourself despite, say, scratches to your car.

What is meant by negligence?

In Athens GA legal parlance, negligence refers to the liability of a person/entity who causes another party injury. In other words, it is the failure to have behaved as carefully as expected from somebody responsible under the circumstances.

What are the damages?

Damages are the legal term used to signify a certain amount of money paid to an injured individual/organization to compensate for any injury/loss they may have suffered.  While some of these damages are financial  others are not so. You may be able to put a price to compensate for the financial losses suffered by you, but what about the rest? Well, you engage the services of a personal injury attorney and consult with them closely on how much it would be appropriate to demand.


Nobody expects you to know how to file for a personal injury lawsuit. If you feel like you happen to be in a position where  another party has caused you injury and you can benefit from monetary compensation – you should hire a personal injury attorney to examine your damages, calculate liability of all involved parties and go on to file an injury claim on your behalf. The insurance company/court will need actual evidence to prove that damages have been caused to you. While you may not know what evidence would do, your attorney will.

What you need to do after you or a loved one has been involved in any type of Accident with injury or death in Athens GA

If you or someone you love has ben injured, or even killed in a car accident, it is vital that you get professional and knowledgeable help from a law firm that knows how to handle Accidental Injuries in Athens GA as well as personal injury cases in Macon GA and Atlanta GA.

We have been doing this for a long time and know how to advise people on the best course of action. We know when to fight for more, and when to accept an offer. If you accept an offer without legal representation, it may well cost you much more than the attorney would have cost you in the first place.

This is an important time for you and your family. Make sure that you have the information that you need. Reach out to the Monk Law Firm and request a No Cost initial consultation. We will NOT charge you anything out of pocket to represent you. Any fee we earn will come from the settlement that we get for you.

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