Premise Liability Macon GA


Have you been injured during a visit to a friend or relative or colleague’s home/store? Do you believe this injury could have been avoided had the building owner exercised caution and followed safety rules?

If yes, you are eligible to claim damages for the injuries you have received as a result of the accident on that property.

Get the compensation you deserve


The Premise Liability Macon GA liability law covers all cases of negligence-caused accidents which occurred on Georgian buildings. According to the law, all building owners in the State of Georgia are expected to keep their premises accident-free and safe for visitors and residents. If they fail to do so and a resident, visitor or worker is injured on the premises, the building owner is liable to pay damages to the injured.

The Premise Liability Macon GA offers liability compensation under three categories:

  • Dog bites

Many building owners have dogs; either guard dogs or house dogs. Georgia law gives people bitten by dogs the right to claim compensation for the wounds and mental stress they suffered as a result of dog bites. Claimants need to prove the dog’s inherent aggressiveness and also provide evidence of their having not provoked the dog to bite.

  • Slip and fall

Uneven surfaces, slippery pathways, and damaged flooring can all cause accidents. If a visitor to the property slips or trips, falls and injures himself/herself, he/she can claim redressal under the Premise Liability Macon GA law. When applying for this liability claim, the victim should prove that the owner was negligent in his/her care of the property and paid no heed to visitor safety.

  • Negligent security

Georgia also gives her residents the right to seek redressal and claim damages in the event they were grievously hurt or a person killed during criminal activity. The only clause here is that the criminal activity should have occurred on the premises of the building owner and it must have happened due to negligence by the owner in keeping everyone safe.

Who can make the claims?


The Premise Liability Macon GA law grants the right to claim liability only to people who were on the property legally. If the building was an apartment complex, any injured homeowner or renter could claim damages. If the building is a restaurant, mall or a store, all visitors or guests who have paid for the entry can sue the owner. Workers who were invited by the building owner and friends/relatives who visited the building owner can also claim damages. Trespassers, however, are ineligible to seek redressal, as they entered the property illegally.

To prove negligence, claimants need to prove that:

  • The building had hazards.
  • The owner was aware of the hazards.
  • The hazards were unaddressed by the owner.
  • The owner had not put up warnings about the hazards.
  • The claimant/victim had not caused the accident through his/her negligence.


Suing government-owned buildings for negligence


Visitors and guests to government offices and state-owned institutions are also allowed to sue Georgian Government properties under the Premise Liability Macon GA law.  However, their claim may be made void if the Government exercises State sovereign immunity.

In order to successfully claim premise liability damages against Governmental buildings, claimants can invoke The Georgia Tort Claims Act, which is designed to address cases of negligence by Government employees/officers when on official duty.

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